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CombiMovie is an mpeg file video joiner for Windows computers
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CombiMovie is an mpeg video joiner for Windows computers. The application allows you to do one thing: put more than one .mpeg together in a single file. The developer created this application so that people could upload small MPEG files to the web and then have a way of joining them again. But it can be used for any joining purposes. There are some limitations, though. Not only does the application work solely with MPEG files, but those files have to have exact characteristics. In short, you can only join several files that are identical in terms of size, color depth, resolution, etc. If any of those changes, the end result will not look very good. It is hard to find an application that does not support several formats, because they are impractical. CombiMovie is not a great application, but it works for what it is supposed to do. The joining process is carried out rather fast, because the application only takes relevant video data and only reads the files. There is no compression of any kind involved.

José Fernández
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  • It's fast


  • Limited format support
  • Severe limitations
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